Thank you for joining us at Mindful Moments where we hope to introduce you to the many  benefits of Mindfulness in providing greater awareness of mind, body, emotions and breathing. 

As well as keeping you informed about Mindfulness-based therapeutic developments, scientific research in Mindfulness, and tips to improve daily Mindfulness, here at Mindful Moments you will also be able to find details of group courses, or individual programmes to help you:

  • improve your quality of breathing 
  • learn new relaxation techniques
  • develop mindfulness of thought and feeling 
  • develop mindfulness of body sensations
  • learn how to meditate sitting or lying down
  • learn to self-manage your stress or anxiety
  • or learn to self-manage your pain or illness  
  • develop daily mindfulness practices
  • appreciate Mindful benefits to your life and
  • value the benefits in your relationships 

Group courses and individual programmes all involve experiential work, teaching and personal understanding of the benefits of Mindful meditation, movement, and breathing. 


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