Mindful Attitudes

 7 Core Attitudes of Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn




Simply letting what is here be what is here. Attending to each present moment without evaluating or defining it. Being non-judgmental offers more discernment so you choose more consciously how to respond, rather than reacting automatically.



Allowing life to unfold in its own time - not rushing it.

Mindfulness Practice, both informal and formal, helps us with patient allowing.


Beginners Mind


Bringing to everything you focus awareness on, a childlike curiosity, a spirit of interest, investigation and exploration.

 As if in each new moment there's always something new to discover. 





Learning to trust your unfolding experience. 

With increasing practice you're gradually more able to 'be with it' as it is.

Rather than having expectations or doubts.




Bringing a sense of 'simply practising' without being attached to any particular outcome. Mindfulness practice isn't goal-oriented. There's nothing to be achieved, we simply pay attention as best we can, moment by moment.



What arrives. . . arrives. 

When practising we simply acknowledge things

as they are in each present moment.


Letting Go


Learning not to cling to passing thoughts,  feelings, sensations and impulses. 

They come and they go . . .                        much as life and events do.




Other attitudes to accompany Jon Kabat-Zinn's core ones could be:








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