Mindfulness Research

Over the past 40 years many thousands of research papers and books have been written about the positive impact of Mindfulness on people's lives.  Research continues to expand as more and more practical uses of Mindfulness practices are explored.  Mindfulness is becoming accepted by many medical professionals as to its positive mental and physical health impact.

You can find out more about current up-to-date research on Mindfulness through the information website: 


A recent Lancet research study compared the effectiveness of MBCT with taking anti-depressants and the results came out in a favourable way in supporting Mindfulness in preventing relapsing depression.

Click on photo (Right) to read the report published in the Lancet in April 2015



A paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry (May 2012) by Professor Mark Williams, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, outlines the increasing use and effectiveness of using MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) in the treatment of relapsing depression both through the NHS and in individual therapy.

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